Dancers I Love

Central Bellydance School – collaboration of belly dance teachers in Central New York 

Relativity BellyDance – Group Improv Belly Dance Troupe in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Fusion Belly Dance – Fusion Belly Dance in Buffalo, NY

Maia Alexandra – Traditional Belly Dance styles in Buffalo, NY

Devi Bollywood Performing Arts – Bollywood and other Indian styles of dance in Buffalo, NY

Hayati – Fusion Belly Dance in Buffalo, NY

Belly, Set, Go! – Fusion Belly Dance and Burlesque in Cortland, NY

Zuut – Fusion Belly Dance in Buffalo, NY

Oasis Dance Center – Egyptian-style belly dance in Buffalo, NY

Musicality Central – hip hop, burlesque fusion, and dancehall in Buffalo, NY

Rina Orellana – flamenco in Torrance, CA (and online!)

Costuming and Props

Magical Fashions – skirts

Flying Skirts – cholis

Saroyan Mastercrafts – zills/finger cymbals

The Red Camel – jewelry and DIY pieces


Narayan Padmanabha


Beats Antique