House of Hips – Spring Medley Showcase Hafla 2019

This past weekend, the local Buffalo belly dance studio House of Hips hosted their Spring Medley Showcase Hafla. This hafla was a bright spot in what was otherwise a somewhat dark weekend, and I was so thankful for it! I love getting together with the local dance community, and of course dancing with Relativity BellyDance.

We performed to the songs Elila Farh by Katir Hicham Orchestra and Mutespell by Afrit Temple. Check out a short clip of our performance below!

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A little clip from tonight ❤️

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There were so many dancers at this show that I have taken classes with/from. Robyn of Buffalo Tribal Belly Dance, whose classes I also attend, performed a solo. We snapped a cute photo along with fellow Buffalo Tribal student, Rachel!

Big shout-out and thank you to House of Hips for hosting a great hafla!

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